The Doberman was originally developed as a guard dog—the only dog bred specifically to protect man. In the breed’s origin and development, Herr Dobermann concentrated on the character of the dog more than conformation. The Doberman’s reputation for strength of character became widely known. Otto Goller continued to develop the breed and founded the National Dobermann Club in Germany. The Doberman has always been admired for its character, its intelligence, its train-ability and its desire to please. Fortunately for the Doberman of today, those traits of high intelligence and desire to please (high train-ability), along with a square, sleek, well muscled body, make the Doberman one of the most versatile working breeds. They excel in conformation, obedience, agility, flyball, schutzhund, ring sport, tracking, search and rescue, guiding the blind, therapy, and seizure alert. Dobermans have been used for hunting and have even attained herding titles.

We have been owned by Dobermans since 1978 and began breeding the occasional litter in the early 80s starting with Rosevale lines. Over time our preference in Doberman looks and temperament tended more towards the FCI European Dobermann and we began importing dogs from Europe. Our goal in breeding is to produce an elegant Doberman of substance that is healthy and long-lived and suitable as a family companion and guardian.